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Accounting Demystified

Accounting Demystified Author : Jeffry R. Haber
Publisher : AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn
Pub Date : 2004
Page : 176
Language : en
Rating : 5

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“Accounting is truly the language of business. Success or failure is measured in dollars, but in order to make good decisions, you need to understand how finances drive business realities and become fluent in the essential elements of the accounting process.

ACCOUNTING DEMYSTIFIED tells you all you need to know about the numbers that drive business. The book uses examples of typical business situations to demonstrate basic financial concepts, including:

* The accounting process

* Financial statements

* Making entries

* Accounts payable and accounts receivable

* Cashflow statements

* Fixed and intangible assets

* Inventory

* Liabilities

* Adjusting and closing entries

* Prepaid expenses

*Preparing a bank reconciliation

* Accounting information systems

* Stockholders equity

* Ratio analysis

ACCOUNTING DEMYSTIFIED transforms a complex and potentially intimidating subject into something anyone can easily comprehend. This useful resource helps you understand the basics of accounting and gives you access to an essential part of any business equation.

For new students of accounting, entry-level accounting professionals, and business professionals whose own work relates directly to the numbers on the ledger, a basic understanding of core accounting functions and documents is critical. Accounting Demystifiedprovides a simple and straightforward description of universal elements of the accounting process, plus accessible tutorials in creating, interpreting, and using financial statements. Haber’s clear language will let readers:

* understand accounting basics

* find errors quickly

* prepare accurate financial statements

* analyze financial documents

* determine the financial health of a business

* prepare a financial prospectus for potential investors and lenders

From the classroom to the back room to the board room, Accounting Demystifiedserves as a valuable primer on the basics of accounting and the purposes they serve.”

Accounting Demystified

Author by : Jeffry R. Haber
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2004
Publisher by : AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn

Description : At last, an accounting book for the numerically challenged....

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