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Advertising Author : Andy Tibbs
Publisher : Routledge
Pub Date : 2009-11-27
Page : 232
Language : en
Rating :

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‘A no-holds-barred overview of the very competitive but ultimately rewarding industry that is advertising. Insightful, well-informed, frank and honest. An inspirational eye-opener for all Adland wannabes’ – Gyles Lingwood, Course Leader, Creative Advertising, University of Lincoln, UK

‘Like the advertising business, Tibbs’ book is dynamic, edgy, and challenging. It captures the industry’s excitement, energy, intellect, and creativity. The book is an inspiration and should be standard reading for all practitioners, students, and faculty of advertising, marketing, and communications’– Pamela Morris, Loyola University Chicago, USA

‘Tibbs’ insights turn the advertising agency from a mythical wonderland to a realistic career choice. Through reading this book and taking note of his advice, students will be one step closer to walking through its doors’ – Helen Powell, Senior Lecturer, Media and Advertising, University of East London, UK

Advertising does not need another graduate!

Whether you are an aspiring advertising creative, designer, account manager, PR / publicity consultant or marketing manager, Advertising is an engaging source of inspiration for those dark, idea-less days and a motivator when those job interviews or placements seem in short supply. Its Companion Website at: supports the book with further examples and ideas to inspire as well as offering up-to-date advice.

This book is filled with numerous visual examples of advertising thinking. With words of advice and guidance from some of the industry’s most respected practitioners and insights from graduates who faced the same challenges you will soon encounter in securing that elusive first job.

Add to that, an extensive supply of hints and tips to enhance the creative thinking processes, take the work you do beyond what you think you are capable of and, crucially, gain an edge at job interviews.

Maybe advertising doesn’t need another graduate, but then you won’t be just another graduate will you?

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