The Information Professional’s Guide to Career Development Online

This is the first book designed to meet the needs of Internet-connected librarians interested in using online tools to advance their careers. Includes practical advice on topics ranging from current awareness services and personal Web pages to distance education, electronic resumes, and online job searches. Up-and-coming librarians will learn how to research education opportunities, and experienced information professionals will learn new ways to network online. Supported by the Career Development Online Web Page.

The Career Coward’s Guide to Interviewing

Career experts agree that most job seekers already know what they need to do in order to find a new job. But they won’t, or can’t, do what it takes because they are paralyzed by their own fears: fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of talking to strangers, fear of looking foolish, fear of being seen as a ‘bragger,’ and much more. Career coach Katy Piotrowski brings her expertise to the brand-new Career Cowards series, which analyzes each aspect of a successful job search and provides easy steps for facing job search challenges in a unique and easy-to-tackle format that includes; A Risk Rating: What’s the worst that could happen if I do this?; The Payoff Potential: What good things can happen if I do this?; The Time to Complete: How much time will this take?; A Bailout Strategy: If I just can’t do it, what can I do instead?.


Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance

Praise for the previous edition:
“An outstanding resource for all libraries.”—Library Journal, starred review

“…useful for job-seekers and career centers of all types…recommended.”—American Reference Books Annual

“Highly recommended for secondary-school, public, and academic libraries.”—Booklist

“…provides a comprehensive overview of a vast array of occupations…a great place to start a career search…”—School Library Journal

Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance—now in its 15th edition—remains the most comprehensive career reference in print. This unparalleled resource has been fully revised and updated to contain the most accurate and current career information available.

In Five Volumes and More than 4,100 Pages of Information!

The five-volume Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, 15th Edition is an essential resource for public, college, high school, and junior high school libraries; career centers; guidance offices; and other agencies involved with career exploration. More than 800 articles have been revised and updated since the last edition to reflect accurate, up-to-date career information.

Along with revisions and updates to all articles, included here are more than 35 new career articles and more than 100 new photographs. Each article offers expanded career information, sidebars, and other user-friendly features. Called out by graphic icons are the top 10 fastest-growing careers and the top 10 careers that experts predict will add the greatest number of positions through the year 2018.

Extensive Online References and On-the-job Interviews

More than 2,500 Web sites, selected for inclusion based on the quality of information they provide, are listed in the career articles and refer users to professional associations, government agencies, and other organizations. More than 100 on-the-job interviews ranging from worker profiles to daily routines to workers’ comments about their occupation are also included in major career articles. Designed to hold students’ attention and relay information effectively, this edition of Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance is the ideal starting place for career research.

This edition features:

  • Comprehensive overviews of 94 industries
  • More than 750 up-to-date job articles, including more than 35 new articles
  • The latest information on salaries and employment trends
  • On-the-job interviews with professionals
  • More than 800 sidebars, providing additional reading on industry issues and history, useful Web sites, industry jargon, and much more
  • Approximately 500 photographs of people at work, with more than 100 new to this edition
  • Career articles keyed to four different government classification systems
  • Career Guidance section in Volume 1, providing information on interviewing, job hunting, networking, writing résumés, and more
  • A comprehensive job title index in each volume, plus additional indexes in Volume 1
  • New information on using social networking sites for job-hunting, electronic résumés, and more.

Extensive Online References and On-the-job Interviews

Volume 1

Volume 1 contains two major sections, Career Guidance and Career Fields, as well as appendixes and indexes.

Career Guidance is divided into four parts:

  • Preparing for Your Career: presents information on choosing a career, starting a career, assessment tests, personal skills, occupational classification systems, training for job entry, and career development
  • Finding a Job: covers information on placement offices, job fairs, networking and references, searching the Web, and classified ads
  • Applying for a Job: gives information on résumés, cover letters, career portfolios and credentials, and interviewing
  • You’re Hired: features information on salary and wages, fringe benefits, personnel management, employment laws, and employees’ rights.

Career Fields articles include an overview of the 94 industries covered, including in-depth information on computer software, construction, entrepreneurs, military services, telecommunications, trucking, and more; four sections covering the background, structure, and outlook of each career field; and additional resources for further investigation.

Volume 1 also includes two appendixes—Career Resources and Associations for Individuals with Disabilities and Internships, Apprenticeships, and Training Programs—and six indexes. Career articles are indexed by four government classification systems: the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, the Guide for Occupational Exploration, the Canadian National Occupational Classification System, and the O*NET-SOC.

The fifth index, the Organization and Web site Index, provides an alphabetical listing of all the organizations and agencies found at the end of each career article. The sixth index, the Job Title Index, is found in all five volumes, making it easy to refer from one volume to another.

Volumes 2 to 5

Volumes 2 to 5 contain the career articles, listed from A to Z.

Each career article includes:

  • Quick Facts: summarizes important facts
  • Overview: briefly defines the occupation
  • History: provides background on how the occupation developed
  • Job Description: offers an in-depth description of the types of specific jobs in the field
  • Job Requirements: discusses any necessary training or education
  • Exploring: suggests various ways to further explore the field
  • Employers: looks at who hires people in the industry
  • Starting Out: suggests where to look for employment
  • Advancement: tells how people can move up the ladder
  • Earnings: gives current salaries and wages
  • Work Environment: describes the work setting
  • Outlook: looks at the future growth of the career based on U.S. government projections
  • For More Information: presents a list of helpful organizations that can provide further information.

The Graduate Career Guidebook

At last, a practical, positive approach to finding the perfect job – ideal for any student or graduate.

In The Graduate Career Guidebook, Steve Rook explains how to find your dream role, regardless of whether you have a career in mind or no idea what you want to do after university.

His inspiring approach divides the career journey into manageable steps and helps you navigate each stage, from deciding what you want, to gaining work experience, networking effectively, conducting a job hunt, writing a knock out CV, impressing at interview and getting the job.

The text will guide you through the career planning process so you can find a successful and fulfilling future. It includes:
• Guidance-based exercises to help you reflect on your personal strengths and find opportunities that are a great match
• Useful and inspirational case studies from students, graduates and employers
• Sections on entrepreneurship and starting your own business

Like your own personal career coach, Steve will motivate you to think broadly and creatively about your opportunities and his expert advice will help you make your dream a reality.


Unstuck – A Career Guide

Are you stuck? Stuck in a dead-end job, stuck without a promotion, stuck with a bad boss or stuck in the wrong industry? A lot has changed over the past twenty years including how we work, how companies treat their employees and how to move ahead in the global economy. This eGuide provides you with strategies and techniques to effectively and immediately manage your career. The author uses his extensive background in IT management and input from senior managers and industry leaders to give you practical, effective and usable guidance. This eGuide is filled with references to excellent case studies, templates, expert interviews and current techniques which you will find very helpful and insightful.


The Smart Woman’s Guide to Resumes and Job Hunting

“The Smart Woman’s Guide to Resumes and Job Hunting” walks the reader through the resume-creating process step-by-step (including career worksheets and sample resumes). The book addresses other key career issues of interest to women, including: breaking through the glass ceiling and other gender barriers, comanding a fair salary, networking to find hidden job opportunities, using “power language, ” and more.


Hot jobs

This one-of-a-kind career guide for students, recent graduates, and anybody trying to break into glamour industries, such as book and magazine publishing, film, TV, the art world, advertising, and music, provides inside tips on landing a job and moving up the ladder once there.


The Nonprofit Career Guide

FINALIST 2008 Book of the Year Awards, Career Category, ForeWord Magazine A must read for anyone hoping to launch a nonprofit career! Nonprofits need talented, creative people with all types of skills and experiences. The Nonprofit Career Guide will help you find the best opportunity for you and your interests. This hands-on guide is filled with practical advice from real people working at all levels of diverse nonprofits. In detailed profiles, you’ll find out what their work is like, the career paths they followed, and what they look for when hiring new staff. Besides getting a sense of the scope and range of work opportunities, you’ll find the most up-to-date information on how to: Prepare for a nonprofit career; Conduct targeted job searches and network effectively; Handle interviews with aplomb; Write persuasive cover letters and stellar resumes; Negotiate a competitive compensation package. With The Nonprofit Career Guide, you’ll get the competitive edge you need to land a great first job and build a rewarding career in the nonprofit sector. Published by Fieldstone Alliance in collaboration with American Humanics.


Career Guide for the High-tech Professional

Getting the exact job you want with the company you want is either highly improbable or a cinch. It’s highly improbable if you play by the old rules, a cinch if you play by the new rules and go about your task in the ways suggested by David Perry in Career Guide for the High-Tech Professional.

If you’re willing to look upon finding a job as a job unto itself, you’re going to reap exceptional rewards from this book. It does not contain shortcuts, tricks, or anything unethical. But it does feature ultra-solid advice along with the rich details of landing the job of a lifetime.

Career Guide for the High-Tech Professional is filled with job-finding wisdom and the actual things you must say in your cover letter, on your resume, and during your interviews. Nothing is left to chance. Every detail is covered.


The ECO Guide to Careers that Make a Difference

How can you make a real difference in the world and make a good living at the same time? The ECO Guide to Careers That Make a Difference: Environmental Work for a Sustainable World provides the answer.

Developed by The Environmental Careers Organization (ECO, the creators of the popular Complete Guide to Environmental Careers), this new volume is unlike any careers book you’ve seen before. Reaching far beyond job titles and resume tips, The ECO Guide immerses you in the strategies and tactics that leading edge professionals are using to tackle pressing problems and create innovative solutions.

To bring you definitive information from the real world of environmental problem-solving, The ECO Guide has engaged some of the nation’s most respected experts to explain the issues and describe what’s being done about them today. You’ll explore: Global climate change with Eileen Claussen, Pew Center for Global Climate Change; Biodiversity loss with Stuart Pimm, Nicholas School for the Environment at Duke University; Green Business with Stuart Hart, Kenan-Flager Business School at University of North Carolina; Ecotourism with Martha Honey, The International Ecotourism Society; Environmental Justice with Robert Bullard, Environmental Justice Center at Clark Atlanta University; Alternative Energy with Seth Dunn, Worldwatch Institute; Water Quality with Sandra Postel, Global Water Policy Project; Green Architecture with William McDonough, McDonough + Partners; and twelve other critical issues.

To demonstrate even more clearly what eco-work feels like on the ground, The ECO Guide offers vivid “Career Snapshots” of selected employers and the professionals that work there. You’ll visit government agencies like the USDA Forest Service, nonprofit organizations like Conservation International and Project Wild, and local advocates like Alternatives for Community and Environment. You’ll go inside environmental businesses like Wildland Adventures and Stonyfield Farms. And you’ll learn from academic institutions like the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics.

ECO also identifies and describes forty specific jobs that are representative of environmental career opportunities in the twenty-first century. It provides dozens of the best Internet resources. And most importantly, The ECO Guide offers all of the insight about current trends you expect from ECO, the acknowledged leaders in environmental career information.