Comics Underground Japan

A Manga Anthology British and European comic fans are swiftly embracing Manga, the unique Japanese graphic novel art form. This new collection selects the best from the Manga underground presenting material from the leading artists that is unlikely to be seen outside of Japan. Outrageous, mind-bending, and ‘adult,’ this is nihilistic humour at its very best.


The DC comics rarities archives

Reprinting for the first time some of DC Comics’ rarest publictions from the Golden Age of comics, including three early anthology titles in their entirety. Features appearances by virtually every Golden Age hero: Superman, Batman, Wonder, Sandman, Hawkman, Scribbly, The Atom, Wildcat and more. An action-packed adventure, this volume of classic tales is sure to entertain!

7string Volume 1 (Graphic Novel) Comic Book

7STRING is a full colour adventure graphic novel about a boy with a guitar sword, heading out on an epic quest into a world of music. It is sci-fi fused with 7STRING is a full colour adventure graphic novel about a boy with a guitar sword, heading out on an epic quest into a world of music. It is sci-fi fused with fantasy with a heck of a lot of action and will give you a whole new world to explore. Wielding a strange guitar-sword that just falls into his life, Zach fights to defend everything he loves in the very first issue of this epic sci-fi and fantasy adventure. Think Green Lantern crossed with Avatar The Last Airbender. Think Gitaroo Man crossed with Final Fantasy. Think Star Wars crossed with Guitar Hero. Zach’s explosive musical quest starts right here as Tracks One and Two are now available in a single, limited epic edition!


Digital Manga Workshop

The unique Japanese cartoon style known as manga, with its exaggerated stylistic characters and vivid colors, has caught the attention of America. Now, with the advent of digital tools like Photoshop and Painter, manga artists have discovered new ways of bringing their artwork to life and onto the computer — with astounding results!

This complete guide presents a wealth of information by exploring the digital possibilities of creating manga-style artwork. It details the entire process, from initial rough sketches, to the finished color image, with in-depth instructions and illustrations that demonstrate the intricacies of each technique. It also deals with a variety of inking and coloring styles.revealing the secrets of how to achieve smooth, highly detailed line art directly on screen, how to recreate the appearance of traditional animation with cel-art techniques, and how to achieve a soft, dreamy, or traditional look with airbrush, watercolor, and painting tools. It also explains how custom backgrounds, special effects, and the use of filters can add the finishing touches that exemplify professional results.

Erotic Manga

With its adult-oriented themes, Erotic Manga is perfect for grown-up fans of Japanese comics, as well as aficionados of adult art.

This book is a comprehensive guide that will teach artists of all levels, from beginner to advanced, the basics of creating characters from shonen and soft-core, hentai comics. This book includes an easy step-by-step tutorial for progressing from initial black-and-white sketch to final color piece, accompanied by practical suggestions, hints, and tips.


Make-Believe Bride

Amber has a crush on her boss, Bradley, the wealthy son of a family who owns an oil company. He seems so far above her and they haven’t even spoken once, but for Amber it was love at first sight. One day there’s an emergency and Bradley asks Amber to drive him to the hospital. His grandmother, the chairman of the board, is in critical condition. Amber waits for him in the hospital corridor, and when he emerges from the ICU his face is pale, and he asks her, "For my grandmother’s sake, will you be my fianc?e?"


Manga Matrix

Manga Matrix presents an easy grid method for mastering manga, an increasingly popular comic style. Using this unique Japanese system, artists can plot and cross-section elements on a matrix diagram to create an infinite number of original characters, creatures, and multiformed beasts. Angels, demons, dragons, monsters, and robots are all included in this book, along with descriptions of costumes and personalities for each.

Manga Matrix is unlike any other manga instructional guide and is an invaluable resource for both the budding artist and the polished professional.


The Clique: The Manga

Claire Lyons is the new girl at Octavian Country Day School, an exclusive private school in Westchester County, New York. But Claire is totally unprepared for the social (and fashion) demands of her new classmates. To make matters worse, Claire’s family is living in the guesthouse of one Massie Block, the queen supreme of her new school! And Massie couldn’t be less thrilled with the new squatter on her family’s estate. Does Claire have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the “it” girl in her school?

Shoujo Art Studio

Manga is the world’s most popular visual art—and within it, there’s a subgenre dedicated to teenage girls about teenage girls—shoujo manga.
From serialized soap operas about everyday girl drama or a high school swim team that transforms into magical warriors fighting for love and justice, there’s no limit to what you can write or draw about, though typically there’s a main heroine, a cute love interest, a best friend, and a geeky guy who has a crush on the main character. All of the characters are supremely adorable, with the trademark big, expressive manga eyes and cool outfits.
Now, creating this popular genre is easier than ever with this ultimate guide that includes a CD to help you draw your own shoujo stories. From background scenes, speech balloons, color choices, accessories, tones, and effects (like speedlines), the CD offers a huge variety of templates you can work with in Photoshop and Illustrator and customize to your liking and your unique story. Whether you’re a beginner who prefers to work with the line-art and accents provided, or a more experienced shoujo creator who adds her own flourishes, you’ll get a complete explanation of everything, with tips and illustrations on how to use the programs effectively.
Covering topics like dreaming up an interesting story line or concept, writing simple but compelling dialogue, creating page layouts and drawing hairstyles, outfits, and accessories—this is the first book to distill all the elements of shoujo into one easy-to-use guidebook.