Computer Applications in Food Technology

Computer Applications in Food Technology Author : R. Paul Singh
Publisher : Academic Press
Pub Date : 1996-08-12
Page : 300
Language : en
Rating :

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The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) recently endorsed the use of computers in food science education. The minimum standards for degrees in food science, as suggested by IFT,”require the students to use computers in the solution of problems, the collection and analysis of data, the control processes, in addition to word processing.”Because they are widely used in business, allow statistical and graphical of experimental data, and can mimic laboratory experimentation, spreadsheets provide an ideal tool for learning the important features of computers and programming. In addition, they are ideally suited for food science students, who usually do not have an extensive mathematical background.
Drawing from the many courses he has taught at UC Davis, Dr. Singh covers the general basics of spreadsheets using examples specific to food science. He includes more than 50 solved problems drawn from key areas of food science, namely food microbiology, food chemistry, sensory evaluation, statistical quality control, and food engineering. Each problem is presented with the required equations and detailed steps necessary for programming the spreadsheet. Helpful hints in using the spreadsheets are also provided throughout the text.

Key Features
* The first book to integrate speadsheets in teaching food science and technology
* Includes more than 50 solved examples of spreadsheet use in food science and engineering
* Presents a step-by-step introduction to spreadsheet use
* Provides a food composition database on a computer disk

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