Effective Leadership Management

Effective Leadership Management Author : Michael Adewale Adeniyi
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Pub Date : 2007
Page : 236
Language : en
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Effective Leadership Management is about theory and practice of integrating styles, skills and character of today’s chief executive officers. It is about what a leader or a manager does to bring about staff efficiency and effectiveness. A leader or a manager is effective when he or she brings about the desired results for the organization by using different approaches to the development of personal and interpersonal effectiveness of the staff by daily decision making, staffing, planning, forecasting, nurturing, coaching, directing, organizing, marketing, encouraging and controlling quality. Effective Leadership Management emphasizes leadership as the intersection of character, knowledge, skill and desire. Management supervises tasks but leadership deals with people who supervise tasks. In other words, management is doing things right, while leadership is doing the right things. Effective Leadership Management styles are achievable by using mixtures of different styles as situation arises. Each leader has to choose style(s) that suits his or her personality and that best represents the values of the organization. In all, a leader has to be transparent with all daily dealings, communicates effectively, be honest with staff members, showing an unbending integrity, at the same time be knowledgeable or skillful about the tasks at hand, and be easy to follow. When an employee is encouraged, motivated and positively appraised, his or her performance will be enhanced. This book strongly emphasizes theory Z by Dr. Ouchi in which a management or leadership style focuses on a strong company philosophy, a distinctive corporate culture, long-range staff development, and consensus decision making. When decisions and policies that relate to customers are being made by an organization, it is important to understand that others such as customers, community, staff, suppliers and stake holders opinions should be considered. This is called a holistic view approach to decision making. It is my hope that readers will find this book useful either as a church leader, school principal or university president, hospital or nursing home administrator, nurse manager or departmental head, company owners or CEO that an effective and efficient leader or manager cannot lead or manage alone by skills or knowledge, but with styles, character, personality, and by example.

Effective Leadership Management

Author by : Michael Adewale Adeniyi
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2007
Publisher by : AuthorHouse

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