Japanese Business Culture and Practices

Japanese Business Culture and Practices Author : Jon P. Alston, Isao Takei
Publisher : iUniverse
Pub Date : 2005
Page : 161
Language : en
Rating :

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Japanese Business Culture and Practices: A Guide to Twenty-first Century Japanese Business presents valuable insight on the proper ways to conduct business in Japan. It focuses on the principles of Japanese culture that influence business-related behavior, including the ways Japanese executives develop loyalty among workers.Drawing on their practical real-life experiences, authors Jon P. Alston and Isao Takei describe not only how Japanese work, entertain, make decisions, and use language in unique ways, but they also offer practical advice on how to work for and with Japanese. The combination of cultural facts and extensive descriptions of behavior provide an easy-to-understand guide to conducting business in contemporary Japan. Because the Japanese are loyal to those they trust and respect, foreigners will gain respect and facilitate success by knowing and adhering to the minutiae of Japanese social etiquette and business protocols.From advice on how to avoid cultural misunderstandings to the proper techniques for negotiations, Japanese Business Culture and Practices is your guide to forming productive work relationships the “Japanese way.”

Japanese Business Culture And Practices

Author by : Isao Takei
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2018-05-25
Publisher by : iUniverse

Description : Japanese Business Culture and Practices presents detailed insights and descriptions on the proper ways to conduct business with contemporary Japanese. It focuses on the traditional and nontraditional ...

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