Lab Dynamics

Lab Dynamics Author : Carl M. Cohen, Suzanne L. Cohen
Publisher : CSHL Press
Pub Date : 2006-10-01
Page : 177
Language : en
Rating : 5

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Scientists are trained in scholarship and technical skills but not, typically, in how to deal with their peers, supervisors, or staff who report to them. Yet even a first–rate research project can fail or flounder if the people concerned can’t get along.

Lab Dynamicsis a book about the challenges of doing science and dealing with the individuals involved, including oneself. The authors, a scientist and a psychotherapist, draw on principles of group and behavioral psychology but speak to scientists in their own language. They offer in–depth, practical advice, real–life examples, and exercises tailored to scientific and technical workplaces on topics as diverse as conflict resolution, negotiation, dealing with supervision, working with competing peers, and making transitions between academia and industry.

This book addresses a subject of direct importance to lab heads, postdocs, students, and managers concerned about improving the effectiveness of academic and industrial research.

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