Management and Leadership

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This book introduces a new understanding of purposeful behavior and shows how to apply it to a wide range of leadership problems. Running a company, department or team has been more difficult than it needs to be because we have lacked an understanding of human behavior that actually fits the way human beings work.

In this book you learn that we are controllers, that it is our nature to control, and that when we attempt to control others we easily create conflict.

Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) shows what control is and how it works; how it gives rise to conflict or cooperation, depending on what individuals want and how they see things. Control is not a dirty word. Control is necessary for life and being “in control” or contented is satisfying. When others attempt to control us we resist and dislike it.

We are all psychologists; we all deal with other people. Our understanding and skill determines our effectiveness and satisfaction as leaders, managers, salesmen, teachers and friends, both in the workplace and in our personal lives.

With PCT, leaders and staff can learn the same testable understanding and effective approach. You deal with your associates at all levels just like they deal with customers and suppliers. When you understand PCT, dealing with people no longer will be complex and confusing, a matter of luck, a gift, or something best left to specialists.

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