Native American Education

Native American Education Author : Lorraine Hale
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Pub Date : 2002
Page : 308
Language : en
Rating :

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This fascinating overview provides a comprehensive introduction to the education of Native Americans in the United States. Historically, schools were seen as essential to formal education but also as the custodians of community values, a way to socialize Native Americans into the European way of life.

“Native American Education: A Reference Handbook” describes the role played by various churches and missionaries and their different approaches to education against a backdrop of mostly unfamiliar social and legal history. For example, most Americans probably do not know that Indians helped write the Constitution and that an Indian served as vice president of the United States. Author Lorraine Hale provides strategies for preserving Indian culture within the framework of modern American education.

Native American Education

Author by : Lorraine Hale
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2002
Publisher by : ABC-CLIO

Description : This authoritative volume puts the schooling of Native American children in the broader context of the country's educational agenda and demonstrates how Native American learning continues to be a chal...

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Native American Higher Education In The United States

Author by : Cary Carney
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2017-09-08
Publisher by : Routledge

Description : Many aspects of Native American education have been given extensive attention. There are plentiful works on the boarding school program, the mission school efforts, and other aspects of Indian educati...

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Native American Boarding Schools

Author by : Mary Stout
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2012
Publisher by : ABC-CLIO

Description : A broadly based historical survey, this book examines Native American boarding schools in the United States from Puritan times to the present day. * Draws upon actual student letters and documents rel...

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A Critical Pedagogy For Native American Education Policy

Author by : Lavonna L. Lovern
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2015-10-14
Publisher by : Springer

Description : A Critical Pedagogy for Native American Education Policy is an application of critical pedagogical theory to historical and recent Native American educational policy. Focusing primarily on the Mvskoke...

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