Sports and Education

Sports and Education Author : Anna Marie Frank
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Pub Date : 2003
Page : 226
Language : en
Rating :

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At a time when sports coverage inundates the airwaves, when coaches are routinely among the highest-paid school employees, and when professional sports recruiters are increasingly focusing on high school students, “Sports and Education” offers a balanced, thought-provoking look at a deep-cutting issue. Is it time for the United States to mirror a number of other industrialized countries and remove sports from educational settings, as many education and athletic professionals have suggested?

“Sports and Education” challenges many long-held assumptions and examines all viewpoints surrounding this question. The result is a clear-eyed, research-supported look at both the positive and the negative impact of school-sponsored athletics on the participants, their nonparticipating classmates, parents, coaches, fans, educators, and school boards.

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