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Teaching Communication

Teaching Communication Author : Anita L. Vangelisti, John Augustine Daly, Gustav W. Friedrich
Publisher : L. Erlbaum Associates
Pub Date : 1999
Page : 564
Language : en
Rating :

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The field of communication was founded, in part, because of a need to make people better communicators. That meant teaching them how to communicate more effectively, whether it be in public settings or in private. Most of that teaching has happened within the classroom and many professionals have spent their lives instructing others on various aspects of communication. Inside this second edition, the editors have assembled a fully comprehensive and contemporary discussion of topics and issues concerning the teaching of communication. The chapters contained herein–contributed by key voices throughout the communication discipline–address conceptual as well as practical issues related to communication instruction. The contents of this new edition reflect the dramatic changes that have occurred in communication education since the publication of the first edition in 1990.

This book focuses initially on the goals of communication education, then delves into the preparation of specific communication courses. It includes assistance for instructors in organizing instructional content and discusses the use of instructional strategies and tools, as well as offering ideas on evaluating the processes and products of instruction. The volume also covers unique teaching assignments that may be encountered, from the basic course to continuing education, and addresses 2-year college teaching, directing forensic programs, distance education, and consulting. It concludes with important professional issues faced by both new and experienced communication instructors, including ethics and political issues within classrooms and departments.

This volume is a necessity for anyone starting out a career as a communication instructor. Veteran educators–who know that learning to teach is a continual growth experience–will find useful and invaluable information within the book’s pages. Whatever background and level of experience, all communication educators will find this new edition to be an essential resource for their work.

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