The Accounting Game

The Accounting Game Author : Darrell Mullis, Judith Orloff
Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
Pub Date : 2008-03-01
Page : 192
Language : en
Rating : 4

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“Fantastic Learning Tool…Don’t let this book title fool you. It is not an oversimplification of accounting and financial principles. It is, however, a serious and very effective examination of a very small but progressively complex business. There are not many books available on the market that make a complex and dry subject understandable and even fun. This book successfully does just that.” -Amazon Reviewer The Clearest Explanation Ever of the Key Accounting Basics The world of accounting can be intimidating. Whether you’re a manager, business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, you’ve likely found yourself needing to know basic accounting…but baffled by complicated accounting books. What if learning accounting could be as simple and fun as running a child’s lemonade stand? It can. The Accounting Game presents financial information in a format so simple and so unlike a common accounting textbook, you may forget you’re learning key skills that will help you get ahead! Using the world of a child’s lemonade stand to teach the basics of managing your finances, this book makes a dry subject fun and understandable. As you run your stand, you’ll begin to understand and apply financial terms and concepts like assets, liabilities, earnings, inventory and notes payable, plus: –Interactive format gives you hands-on experience –Color-coded charts and worksheets help you remember key terms –Step-by-step process takes you from novice to expert with ease –Fun story format speeds retention of essential concepts –Designed to apply what you learn to the real world The revolutionary approach of The Accounting Game takes the difficult subjects of accounting and business finance and makes them something you can easily learn, understand, remember and use! “The game approach makes the subject matter most understandable. I highly recommend it to anyone frightened by either numbers or accountants.” -John Hernandis, Director of Corporate Communications, American Greetings

The Accounting Game

Author by : Darrell Mullis
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2008-03-01
Publisher by : Sourcebooks, Inc.

Description : "Fantastic Learning Tool...Don't let this book title fool you. It is not an oversimplification of accounting and financial principles. It is, however, a serious and very effective examination of a ver...

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