The Best Teachers’ Test Preparation for the Praxis II

The Best Teachers’ Test Preparation for the Praxis II Author : Mel Friedman
Publisher : Research & Education Association
Pub Date : 2007
Page : 300
Language : en
Rating : 3

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REA … Real review, Real practice, Real results.

Take your teaching career to the head of the class.

PRAXIS II Mathematics Content Knowledge (0061)

For Teacher Certification

Are you prepared to excel on the PRAXIS II?

* Get to know the test, how it is scored, and much more.

* Set up a study schedule by following our flexible, results-driven timeline

* Take the first practice test to discover what you know and what youshouldknow

* Use REA’s advice to ready yourself for proper study and success

Sharpen your knowledge and skills

* The comprehensive review guides candidates through all the content and process categories on the official test, which is required in most states for certification. Content categories include: Algebra and Number Theory, Measurement, Geometry; Trigonometry, Functions, Calculus, Data Analysis and Statistics, Probability, Matrix Algebra, and Discrete Mathematics.

* Lessons reinforce necessary skills

* Key tutorials enhance specific abilities needed on the test

* Targeted drills increase comprehension and help organize study

Practice for real

* Create the closest experience to test-day conditions with 3 full-length practice tests

* Chart your progress with full and detailed explanations of all answers

* Boost confidence with test-taking strategies and experienced advice

Get to the head of the class! Get certified!

REA books and software have proven to be the extra support teacher candidates need to pass their challenging test for state licensure. Our comprehensive study guides are teacher-recommended and written by educators who have mastered the test and the related program of study.

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