The Power of Pedagogy

The Power of Pedagogy Author : Jenny Leach, Bob Moon
Publisher : SAGE
Pub Date : 2008-09-17
Page : 224
Language : en
Rating :

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‘[This book] is readable, engaging, informative and provoking’ – Tony Rae, ESCalate

‘The book is encompassing all my own passions as a holistic practitioner; I feel it is multi-cultural, offering powerfully diverse and inclusive ideas of pedagogy. In particular, the concepts of this book are like a breath of fresh air for the ‘disabled’ student, talking about alternative assessment etc.’ – Helene McArthur, ESCalate

`Every now and again you come across a really important book that shifts and clarifies your thinking. The Power of Pedagogy is one of those books. Here you’ll find a fascinating analysis of the myriad of issues and ideas surrounding teaching and learning today. Drawing on history, theory and vignettes form today’s classrooms, these two experienced and active thinkers and practitioners have managed to provide new perspectives on the pedagogic mission. A remarkable piece of scholarship, it’s a ‘must’ for all those setting out to teach and for those already teaching with the sort of intellectual curiosity that is the hallmark of the outstanding teacher’ – Tim Brighouse, formerly Adviser for London Schools, is Visiting Professor at the Institute of Education

‘This important book manages to combine an illuminating breadth of global reference with real insight into the practice of teaching and learning. Its highly readable investigative narrative integrates theory and practice with a quality of analysis that is both rare and entirely convincing’ – Sir David Winkley, former Headteacher Grove School, Handsworth and government education advisor

The concept of ‘pedagogy’ has become increasingly important as a frame of reference for debate about teaching and learning. In this book the authors analyse and explore contemporary ideas of pedagogy through the work of key figures including Freire, Montessori and Vygotsky, and explain how a new conception of pedagogy could transform educational institutions, particularly schools.

In locating pedagogy as central to the process of education the authors:

– explore the historical and cultural antecedents of our understanding of pedagogy

– analyse the way understanding of the working of the human mind influences teaching and learning

– review and critique ideas about learning and the construction of knowledge

– examine the way new forms of communication are impacting on the processes and purposes of pedagogic activity.

Highly relevant for masters and doctoral students of education, this book will also be of interest to educational practitioners undertaking research on issues related to pedagogy, both in the UK and internationally.

Bob Moon and the late Jenny Leach have written extensively on pedagogy, teacher education and international developments in the field, including Learners and Pedagogies (1999). They lead the Research Group on Teacher Education across Societies and Cultures (RITES) at the Open University, UK.

Bob Moon is Professor of Education at the Open University and Director of the Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA) Programme.

Jenny Leach was Professor of Teacher Learning and Development at the Open University.

The Power Of Pedagogy

Author by : Jenny Leach
Languange Used : en
Release Date : 2008-09-17
Publisher by : SAGE

Description : '[This book] is readable, engaging, informative and provoking' - Tony Rae, ESCalate 'The book is encompassing all my own passions as a holistic practitioner; I feel it is multi-cultural, offering powe...

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