The Profit Maximization Paradox

The Profit Maximization Paradox Author : Glen S. Petersen
Publisher : Booksurge Publishing
Pub Date : 2008
Page : 176
Language : en
Rating :

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The title and sub-title of this book reflect two complementary and critical messages for business management. The title suggests that maximization of profit represents a paradox in that most organizations plan on the basis of historical results and use internally oriented metrics to assess functional performance. This approach has two basic flaws, the first is that historical results reveals very little regarding cause and effect; therefore, it is impossible to assess maximization in the context of any objective perspective. The sub-title links with the title in that Marketing and Sales typically represent 15 to 35 percent of total corporate cost; the lack of alignment dilutes both top line and bottom line results. Who can afford this level of dilution? This book offers an unvarnished and pragmatic approach to addressing the disconnect that has historically separated Marketing and Sales; the two most pivotal functions to achieving true profit maximization.

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